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Problems arising out of personal relations in the family in particular involving spouses and children may be preoccupying a member and their family and legal assistance can be given. It is one of the main areas of demand in our telephone service.

The particular areas of law covered by this will be:-

Residence and Contact of children
Child Support Agency (CSA)

In addition to free initial advice by telephone or interview (where practicable), legal aid will be applied for where applicable and even if legal aid is refused the Family Law Solicitor will charge in accordance with the Legal Aid rates.
Work Related Accidents and Diseases
Road Trfic Scheme
Family Law Services
Criminal Law Services
Non Work Related Accidents and Diseases
Property, Mortgage and Estate Agency
Free Wills Trust and Executry
Independant Financial Services
Benefits and Consumer Law
Health and Safety
Employment Law
Human Rights
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Private Area
FBU Scotland in association with Thompsons Personal Injury Solicitors.