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Education on health & safety in schools could prevent young workers fatalities

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) is urging the government to act to improve the health safety prospects of young workers entering the labour market for the first time.
The IOSH is calling for:
schools to cover health and safety prior to work experience, this to include teacher training;
improved vetting of employers;
minimum levels of health and safety knowledge and understanding for placement officers assessing the suitability of employers and workplaces for work experience;
health and safety to be reinstated as a measure of success for the Learning and Skills Council;
no barriers for training providers to raise health and safety concerns, presently individual targets could take precedence over conducting health and safety checks;
training providers to raise the matter of reporting of accident requirements with employers.
?I find it appalling that more than 50 under-18?s died and 13,000 have been badly injured in 5 years in UK workplaces. Young people are particularly vulnerable when they start work for the first time.
Employers must do more to protect them, but the government also needs to wake up to the dangerous situations young people are being put in.
I call on the government to act now to bring about changes to the way work experience and young workers are managed. The current situation puts the lives of young people in danger every day.? - IOSH President.


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